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Ecocollect JSC is an organization established for the purpose of collective performance of the obligations of entities launching packed goods on the market in the Republic of Bulgaria and responsible for the subsequent separate collection of the waste generated from packaging and the utilization thereof. The company is licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Water to carry out activities as an organization utilizing waste from packaging by Ruling no. ООп-ОО-2-00/16.01.2013 and has justified the expectations of its clients for more than four years by successfully achieving their aims provided for in the Waste Management Act (WMA).

Through monthly coordination with the institutions and recycling factories, we guarantee you the security that your obligations for waste utilizing and recycling will be performed and your company will be part of environmentally responsible business.

The membership in Ecocollect JSC provides national companies with the opportunity to perfrom their obligations for separate collection and utilization of waste from packaging sold on the Bulgarian market and become part of the Green Business of Bulgaria.
A guarantee for achieving high results and efficiency in performing the aims under the Waste Management Act are the two eco-plants for processing solid household waste - the eco-plant in the village of Ezerovo, district of Varna and the eco-plant in the village of Shishmantsi, district of Plovdiv, which are exclusive partners of Ecocollect JSC.

The eco-plant in the village of Ezerovo, district of Varna opened in June 2011. This is the most modern facility for mechanical and biological treatment and composting of waste in the territory of our country and more than BGN 46 million were invested in its construction.
The plant in the village of Shishmantsi, district of Plovdiv was put into operation in December 2009 and the investments for its construction amount to more than BGN 45 million.

Our satisfied clients are the best advertisement for us!

Thanks to the team of competent and motivated experts with a professional vision and orientation towards new technologies and methods in the field of ecology, Ecocollect JSC has successfully proved its honesty and the quality of its work before more than 500 companies including:

Vinprom Peshtera AD, Lukoil Bulgaria EOOD, Vinprom Yambol EAD, Bella Bulgaria Holding, Bulgartabac Holding, Etem Bulgaria EAD, Sopharma Trading AD, Yazaki Bulgaria EOOD, King’s Tobacco EAD, Domko OOD, Belvedere Distribution, Sakar Wine House, Sami – M EOOD, Biser Oliva, Gradus – 1, Refan Bulgaria etc., which ranks the company among the first three organizations utilizing waste from packaging in Bulgaria.

Ecocollect JSC works for the business of its members combining the performance of the aims provided for in the legislation with the achievement of maximum economic efficiency.

In view of optimizing your expenses related to the generated waste from packaging in the activities of your company, we can offer you service of containers with the necessary capacity after signing an additional agreement with buy-up prices consistent with the prices currently offered by the recycling factories.

Our members are provided with full assistance from the experts of Ecocollect as regards the clarification of the new requirements to companies related to the waste generated by them, completing an intracompany specification and annual statements.

The company stakes on honesty, transparency and responsibility in performing its commitments to its clients.